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Meal Planning

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

It’s one thing to know what you need to do in regards to your nutrition. How to implement that knowledge can be a whole other story.

Simply put, meal planning promotes healthy eating & helps you stick to your nutrition goals.

Meal planning helps in those pivotal moments. When hitting the drive-through seems tempting at the end of a long day. When kids are driving you nuts. When the thought of conceiving, prepping, and cleaning an entire dish is the last thing you want to do.

So, where to start?

First, it’s good to come up with a list of go-to, easy, & tasty recipes that you’ve made before. Whether it’s a burrito bowl, baked chicken, chili, or fried rice, having a list of fall-back recipes can help when you’re stuck thinking about what to cook. When planning out your week, don’t choose more than 1-2 new recipes. It’s fun to try new things & be creative in the kitchen, but it tends to quickly get overwhelming trying to follow a bunch of different recipes that you’re not used to.

Second, you have to go get the ingredients. Preparing balanced meals is difficult if your pantry, fridge, & freezer are not well stocked. Make a master grocery list with all the items you want stocked 24/7 (e.g., yogurt, eggs, bread, etc.) & add to it to your weekly grocery list, depending on the meals you’ve chosen to prepare.

Third, get some partial prep work out of the way. You don’t necessarily need to spend hours in the kitchen on Sunday preparing all your meals & dividing them up into 20 containers. But, chopping vegetables, marinating meats, and cooking grains can all be done in advance, so that when it’s 6 PM on a Tuesday, preparing dinner takes less time.


Now these provide a high level overview of what goes into meal planning - in order to make this process simpler and specific to you, we are now offering a meal planning service to clients. We will work with you to create a highly tailored Nutrition Prescription to reach your health and lifestyle goals.

You will receive a personalized 7-day meal plan that updates weekly for 3-months. The meal plan accounts for your preferences, such as specific food/taste preferences, ideal cooking time, & preferred number of leftovers. You can also add additional members of your household that are eating meals with you.

If you don’t like a particular recipe, you can swap it for another meal that fits your nutrition recommendations.

Dietitian Arlington VA

Ready to go grocery shopping? Grab your grocery list by adding individual meals to your grocery list or set a date range for your list.

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In addition, you will also have access to +6,000 dietitian-approved recipes. The meal plan can be accessed on your web browser or through the app.

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Benefits of a personalized meal plan:

● Plans are 100% customized to your specific condition, goals, preferences and schedule

● Access to the EatLove app that lays everything out for you

● Roadmap for success with clear check in points

● Helps you execute your Nutrition Prescription day-to-day, week-to-week

● Eliminates stress and complexity of creating weekly meals

● Creates real long-term change in how you plan, prepare and shop for meals, cascading into lifestyle and behavioral health improvements

Spend less time thinking about food. Know exactly what to eat, what to buy, and how to make it.

If you have any questions or are interested in signing up for a meal plan, feel free to email or sign up for a complimentary 15-minute Intro Nutrition Session here.


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