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Because we focus solely on 1-on-1 training, we are able to hone our craft, and continue to educate ourselves as coaches to give our clients the best experience we can.

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All individuals qualify for an initial free consultation before committing to purchasing any services. This session, held virtually or in-person, is two-part:

  1. Initial Discussion: First, we will discuss your goals, training history, previous/existing injuries, and anything else you would like to share that will help us develop an understanding of who you are and what you are specifically looking to gain.

  2. Physical Assessment: A series of basic movement patterns (adjusted as necessary) that will provide us with a first-look at movement restrictions, areas of strength, current technique, and overall work capacity.

Once complete, we will discuss our initial recommendations for what your training should look like, informed by both your goals from the initial discussion and our observations from the physical assessment. From there, you decide if this is right for you! 


Personal Training

Following the consultation, we decide on training frequency (typically 2-3 times/week, but can be whatever works best for you), complemented by a plan/guidance around workouts you should be doing on your own as well.


There is no one-size-fits-all way of training for a specific goal, so every client's programming consists of a different blend of corrective exercise/movement correction, strength training, cognitive performance, and mobility/stability work. The breakdown depends on the individual and will favor some facets of training more than others depending on the goals of the client.


We will also discuss nutrition needs to give you a better understanding of basic topics such as calorie management and macronutrients, as well as a strategy for how to realistically and sustainably incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life.

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personal trainer

Virtual Training

Whether due to lack of proximity to the greater DC area, or to COVID-19 restrictions, Method Fitness Virtual Training is a great alternative to traditional in-person training. Through web-based delivery platforms, we can connect with you and you can receive the same quality training at home. We still follow all the same protocols, beginning with a free initial assessment and movement screening where we discuss your training history and set a starting point for us.

Even with limited exercise equipment you can still get effective workouts in that allow you to not only improve movement patterns, but also progress with muscle gain, weight loss, explosiveness, or whatever you are looking for. We have continued to train our clients and athletes virtually with great success and have seen them continue to improve even while at home. By implementing creative workouts with carefully thought out exercise selection, you can allow for progressive overload which creates the muscle adaptation we are looking for. Whether you only have a set of bands, a pair of dumbbells, or nothing at all, we can make it work. 


$85 for 1-Hour Session

$55 for 1/2-Hour Session

$35 per session travel fee applies for any off-site training

1/2 Hour Package Rates available upon request

Groups of 2 personal training is available upon request, fee may apply



8 1-HOUR SESSIONS: $620 ($77.50/SESSION)

12 1-HOUR SESSIONS: $900 ($75/SESSION)

20 1-HOUR SESSIONS: $1400 ($70/SESSION)



*Valid One-Time Only