personal training arlington, va




We take appropriate measures to follow CDC guidelines in regards to COVID-19 as masks are required by everyone at all times, equipment is constantly wiped down, social distancing is enforced, and air purifiers are constantly running. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable in our facility at all times. 

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We are a personal training facility in Arlington, VA dedicated to raising the standard in the fitness industry, specifically within coaching. Our training center serves as a venue for us to work with our clients without the hassle and crowds that come with most gyms and allows us to focus on creating an inviting and challenging environment. 


Mon-Fri: 6 AM - 8 PM

Sat: 6 AM - 4 PM


We work with a diverse range of clientele with no specific niche market, rather our specialty lies within one-on-one personal training/coaching.  Clients span across all ages, demographics, ability levels, and goals. General fitness, post-physical therapy, athletic performance, dealing with disease/movement dysfunction, weight/fat loss, to name a few, are all areas where we have experience in providing high-level coaching and training. 

*We also are experienced with medical weight loss clients*

personal training arlington, va
personal training arlington, va


We take the time to teach and instill proper movement patterns and biomechanics so that when we begin to ramp up intensity, load, and volume, your body has already mastered a necessary foundation from which to build on. Whatever your goals may be, we will work with you to not only achieve them, but to also develop the mindset and conceptual understanding necessary to enable consistent, continued progress and enjoyment during the process.


Aryan grew up playing and enjoying a variety of sports, particularly excelling in tennis as a high schooler. He loved using sports as a medium to stay active and develop healthy habits, taking full advantage of any opportunity to get outside and get moving. Once in college, he took up weightlifting as recreation and his interest in continuously learning and applying new methods/training protocols was ignited.


Aryan pursued a dual degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Maryland, as he wanted an education that was complimentary to his entrepreneurial interests. Following graduation, he began a career in consulting, knowing full well that he would one day leave to start his own business. As time went on, he felt more and more excited about the prospect of working in a gym, where he could not only develop himself as an entrepreneur but, more importantly, demonstrate knowledge through application. He was thrilled by the idea of coaching others on how to train intelligently and sustainably, guided by a foundation of science-backed techniques - something he wish he'd had when he had started lifting.


With this realization, Aryan immersed himself in learning about the physiology and biomechanics of the human body to improve his own training techniques, motivated by the ultimate goal of educating others with best practices learned through his own mistakes.​ After working at Gold's Gym for a few years, Aryan left to become an independent trainer which has eventually led to the creation of Method Fitness. Since then, he has devoted countless hours in continued education and has coached 150+ clients across all levels, ages, and needs.​

Aryan Siahpoushan

Owner/Personal Trainer

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NCSF Certified Strength Coach
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
TRX Functional Training Instructor
ARC CPR/AED Certification

Mateo Moore is a certified NASM Personal Trainer working on his NSCA Strength and Conditioning certification along with his NASM Corrective Exercises certification. Before getting into Weightlifting and Fitness, Mateo was a long time Martial Artist training in 6 different styles.


When he moved down to Blacksburg to attend Virginia Tech there was no dojo to continue his martial arts practices so he dove into weightlifting. Due to the discipline and nature of perfecting form with movements involved in martial arts it was easy for Mateo to transfer that passion into the lifting grind. He quickly fell in love with the progress he made and just wanted to learn more and more about training his body to maximize performance and minimize injuries.


After graduating he worked in the Environmental Science field post grad for a few years but couldn't help but change career paths to pursue becoming a Personal Trainer, as it was his true passion. Although he only recently became a trainer his inquisitive nature and desire to truly master the process puts him ahead of freshly certified trainers.

Mateo Moore

Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ARC CPR/AED Certification



Schedule a 60 minute (free) consultation to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. We will go over some basic movements to establish a starting point, and you will get a feel for how we coach. We can meet with you in person or virtually.

Method Fitness - Personal Training in Arlington, VA

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