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Regular Activity is Key to Healthy Aging

Taking care of your health is a lifelong process. It’s also no secret that good nutrition and regular exercise are the most effective tools to fight chronic disease, and for holding the key to longevity. In particular, regular exercise is necessary to retain bone mass, build muscle strength and lower the risk of fractures. Exercise is also great for improving memory and other cognitive abilities.

It’s never too late to get started! Studies have shown that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle can work to anyone’s advantage — regardless of age. Studies also show that if you exercise (walking, yard chores, stretches, etc.) and eat wholesomely 70 percent of the time, you elevate the building blocks to healthy aging.


Be consistent: Make a workout part of your everyday routine. Activity promotes heart health, muscle strength, and improved balance.

Start small: If you are new to the fitness scene, start small —  as even a short walk can be beneficial. Recreational and senior centers are also great places to get active - they offer group classes, specialized training regimens, and one-one-one coaching if needed.

Keep it simple: Exercising should be pleasant, not painful, so be careful not to overexert yourself. Simple exercises can have a big effect on health and reduce the risk of health conditions. Regular exercise helps maintain strength, balance and flexibility and promotes cardiovascular health.

Mix it up: Your routine should include 30 minutes of moderate level aerobic activity (walking, jogging, dancing, biking, swimming) five days a week; resistance exercise (weight lifting) twice a week, to build muscle strength and endurance; flexibility exercises (stretches and torso rotations) twice a week; and balance exercises (such as standing on one foot, or walking heel to toe in a straight line) twice a week, to help prevent risk of injury from falls.

As an experienced trainer serving a wide range of clients, Aryan Siahpoushan develops personalized fitness plans to help his clients be more involved with their personal well-being. From plans for senior fitness to weight management, to rehabilitation and athletic training, Aryan is ready to help you achieve your fitness goals. For more information, call today.


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