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15-Minute Ab/Core Routine

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Want to know how YOU can get absolutely shredded abs in JUST 15 minutes??!!? Well, look no further, here is the answer!! For only $479.99/month you can get an e-book outlining the best, most proven six-pack shredding ab exercises out there!!!

Jokes, people, jokes. All kidding aside, any combination of any ab workouts won’t necessarily make your abs any more visible. As tired as everyone is of hearing it, that will only be a result of being lean enough (created from a caloric deficit) to have them show. Training your abs will however lead to increased strength, stability, improve overall function, and CAN create more of a six-pack if you are adhering well to proper nutrition.

Now while an ab-circuit workout isn’t the norm around here, it may have worked on getting you to click to the link and honestly anything that gets you moving is a win, so here it is!

Treat what’s below as a nice quick workout if you are short on time and stuck at home. The nice part about it is that there is no real warm-up or prep work required, as well as no equipment involved. Still use all the same principles outlined in earlier blogs, use nasal breathing (especially on the inhale), and really focus on the movements as opposed to just running through it for the sake of it.

This will just be one big circuit, going one exercise after another until you complete all 5 exercises. Once you finish the 5 exercises, rest 60-90 seconds and repeat until you have completed 3 or 4 rounds. This isn’t accommodating for pre-existing injuries; so if you have a history of low-back pain or feel uncomfortable doing these, don’t just jump into it mindlessly.

Hollow Body Hold

  • Pretty groovy video with this one and is spot on except you want to keep the toes pointed in towards you; this creates greater co-contraction throughout your body.

  • Focus on keeping the hips pulled in and the abs so tense that it should be tough to breathe normally.

Plank Reverse Walkouts

  • No need for chains here, this will be plenty difficult.

  • Focus on little steps, staying tall on the toes, and keeping the legs straight, about 4-6 small steps backwards, 4-6 steps back forward, and that’s one rep.

  • Keep the shoulders packed in hips tall the whole time.

Renegade Rear Delt Flys

  • Just do this one the floor (or an incline if it’s too hard) with no dumbbells, you can hold a light water bottle if you like.

  • Keep hips as neutral and aligned as you can, don’t spread feet too wide, and keep that shoulder of the arm not moving nice and packed in.

Cross Body V-Up

  • There are a lot of variations to this one so regress/progress as you see fit (keeping legs on the ground will make it easier).

  • Focus on keeping lower back flush against the floor the whole time, especially as you lower back down.

    • If you let the lower back lift off as you come down, that will do part of the work when initiating the next rep.

Mountain Climber w/ Twist

  • Don’t let your hands begin to stray away from your body, keep them right under your shoulders.

  • Don’t rush through the steps, make it 4 distinct steps, knee comes in to 90 degrees, twist in, twist back out, leg goes back, and switch.


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